Welcome to Connie’s Creations, featuring handmade Longleaf Pine needle baskets.  Each basket is handmade using pine needles from the Longleaf Pine Tree.  Other natural products, such as black walnut shells, cedar, and various gemstones add to the uniqueness and beauty of each creation.

Besides baskets, Connie has also expanded the use of Longleaf Pine needles, walnuts, and various other materials to create unique items such as necklaces and wall hangings.

You can browse this website to find out more about Longleaf Pine needle baskets.  Connie’s creations can also be found in a few select retail stores, including:

Grouseland -The William Henry Harrison Mansion (in the gift shop) – Vincennes, IN

Indiana Artisan Originals – In the Promenade of the French Lick Springs Hotel

Indiana Artisan Store – W. Main Street, Carmel, Indiana – in the Arts and Design District

The Muncie U.S. Post Office Gift Shop – Muncie, IN

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